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In the Heart of the Willamette Valley wine country in Newberg, Oregon Jason Cartwright Joy and Alisha Dawn Joy each have training in and an appreciation for the arts; Jason through his passion for music and handcrafting fine wooden furniture, and Alisha through her love of drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. However, their desire to create art together was by happenstance.

During the completion of a three dimensional glass mosaic lion head for their own home, Jason and Alisha discovered an appreciation of the subtleties and depth of glass work. Inspired to work more with glass and finding themselves in need of a project, they designed a coffee table using wood and mosaic glass to fit the Mediterranean theme of their home. The culmination of many hours of research and design, pain-staking cutting and hand-piecing of each piece of glass became their first table:




Their catalog of work speaks for itself. The highly refractive colored glass in each table give it a sophisticated brilliance, and the translucent properties of the glass don’t just reflect color in the piece, but make the color glow, giving it depth and richness as if liquid. One will also notice the unique dimpled appearance of the paint around the outer edge of the top and base giving it a distinctive hand hammered yet contemporary look. Although functional pieces of furniture, Jason and Alisha see their tables more as works of art and a unique platform for bringing various cultures and organic influences to ones living space.


“We have noticed that glass art today is more than ever a popular element in the overall concept of luxury in people’s homes. There’s just something about the opulent yet organic properties of glass that you just can’t get with any other medium.” Alisha Joy


Jason and Alisha welcome you to their site and thank you for your interest in their work.


Each of their tables is inspired by a particular region or culture. The designs have symbolic relevance to a historical event, story or myth, and evolve from a desire to be in touch with humanity and have a deeper understanding of the cultures that make the world a special place to live. Their goal is for the tables to be conversation pieces around which people gather to talk about daily life or the deeper subjects that weigh on the mind.


“It’s important that our art not only be esthetically pleasing but that the depth of the subject matter elicit a dialogue amongst those sitting around it. In this way the art becomes more interactive.” Jason Joy

Mosaic Art
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Dawn Cartwright   Mosaic Studios

1007 Foothills Drive Newberg, Oregon 97132


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